Acute Viral Hepatitis A

Overview of Foodborne Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a communicable infectious disease caused by the Hepatitis A virus (HAV) which primarily affects the liver. Hepatitis A is the only foodborne illness that can be prevented by a vaccine. Indeed, HAV immunization and advanced sanitation systems are the primary reasons the incidence of Hepatitis A is relatively low in the United States as compared to other lesser developed countries. Yet, as many as 50,000 new cases still arise in this country every year with about 10-12% resulting in hospitalization. Unlike Hepatitis B and C, Hepatitis A does not develop into chronic hepatitis or liver cirrhosis. Instead, it is an acute viral infection that usually causes the liver to be swollen and inflamed for several weeks or months, but this usually resolves without any long term damage. However, in rare instances, Hepatitis A can cause acute liver failure and death. The HAV virus has a prolonged incubation period (usually around 2-4 weeks) followed by an acute period during which the affected person is contagious and can transmit the infection to other persons. Symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, fever, fatigue, darkened urine, jaundice and right-upper abdominal pain. There is no cure or treatment for Hepatitis A. Fortunately, persons who have suffered Hepatitis A will thereafter have a life long immunity to it. Learn more about other Types of Foodborne Illnesses.

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Food poisoning litigation is a focus area for the trial lawyers at Ragland Law Firm, LLC. In addition, to food poisoning, we also regularly handle food safety cases involving undisclosed allergens and anaphylactic shock due to an allergic food reaction. Learn more about our Food Safety Case Results. Our law firm is based in Atlanta, but we also serve clients in Winder, Fayetteville, Columbus, Milledgeville, Albany, Brunswick, Valdosta and all other Georgia cities. If you are the victim of an outbreak involving Hepatitis A or you have suffered any other foodborne illness, we invite you to contact us. You will be able consult with a qualified trial attorney about your potential food poisoning case at no charge.

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