Food Safety Case Results

Case Results Achieved by Atlanta, Georgia Food Safety Lawyers

The following are just some of the favorable case results achieved by the Atlanta food safety attorneys at Ragland Law Firm, LLC. Learn more about the law firm’s specialty practice in the areas of Food Poisoning, Food Foreign Object Injury, or Allergic Food Reaction litigation.

Confidential settlement / food poisoning / recall of Kellogg’s cereal

Kellogg Company agreed to a pre-suit settlement involving a mother and two of her children who suffered foodborne illnesses after eating Kellogg’s Corn Pops cereal which the company later recalled on June 25, 2010 because abnormally high levels of a petrochemical were present in packaging materials. The recall involved 28 million units of Corn Pops and other brands of Kellogg’s cereals. There is a confidentiality agreement which prohibits disclosure of the amount of settlement.

Confidential settlement / poison contamination / esophageal injury

A restaurant in Virginia agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by a customer who was served food which had come into contact with and absorbed cleaning solutions used at that location. The poisonous chemicals caused injury to the customer’s esophagus after being swallowed. There is a confidentiality agreement which prohibits disclosure of the amount of the settlement.

$350,000 (present value) structured settlement / E. coli food poisoning / contaminated ground beef / improper cooking

Fast food restaurant in Tennessee agreed to a pretrial settlement of a food safety lawsuit involving a young child who suffered hemolytic uremic syndrome due to an E. coli infection after eating an undercooked hamburger made with contaminated ground beef. After the child reaches adulthood, she will begin receiving a stream of periodic payments which will total more than $600,000 over her life.

$70,500 lump sum settlement / Norovirus food poisoning outbreak

Norovirus outbreak occurred at a Buckhead Pizza Company restaurant causing numerous customers to suffer food poisoning. A pre-suit settlement was achieved on behalf of six patrons who suffered Norovirus food poisoning after eating lunch at that restaurant.

$63,000 lump sum settlement / Clostridium perfringens food poisoning outbreak / hospitalization

Outbreak of Clostridium perfringens food poisoning occurred after a food service company used spoiled eggs in a meat dish served to workers in an employer sponsored cafeteria. A pre-suit settlement was obtained on behalf of one victim who required several days of hospitalization.

$12,000 lump sum settlement / food poisoning / mold contamination

Food company agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by a consumer who suffered food poisoning after eating packaged food contaminated by mold.

$7,400 lump sum settlement / shellfish allergy reaction / cross contamination

A Chili’s restaurant in Cherokee County, Georgia agreed to compensate a patron who suffered an allergic reaction to shrimp which has been mistakenly served as part of a fried onion appetizer.

$7,000 pre-suit lump sum settlement / plastic foreign material / food poisoning

A Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuit restaurant in Lithonia, Georgia agreed to compensate a customer who suffered food poisoning because foreign plastic wrapping material had not been completely removed thereby causing contamination and improper cooking.

$5,600 lump sum settlement / spoiled milk

A Bahama Breeze restaurant in Gwinnett County, Georgia agreed to compensate the parents of an infant who became sick after being served spoiled milk.

$5,000 lump sum pre-suit settlement / mustard food allergy reaction

A Burger King restaurant in Decatur, Georgia agreed to compensate a customer who suffered an allergic food reaction to the mustard employees had negligently put on his hamburger even after the customer advised that he had a mustard food allergy.

$4,000 lump sum pre-suit settlement / food poisoning / undercooked chicken

Parents of a young child received a pre-suit settlement after a McDonald’s restaurant in Lilburn, Georgia served undercooked chicken nuggets that caused food poisoning.

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