Premises Liability Case Results

Case Results Achieved by Atlanta, Georgia Premises Liability Trial Lawyers

The following are just some of the favorable case results achieved by the Atlanta premises liability attorneys at Ragland Law Firm, LLC. Learn more about the law firm’s specialty practice in the area of Premises Liability litigation.

$680,000 lump sum settlement / wrongful death / premises liability / inadequate security

At a pretrial mediation, a hotel in Atlanta settled a premises liability lawsuit claiming that its negligent key control and inadequate security led to the fatal assault of its guest.

$500,000 policy limit settlement / swimming pool diving accident / spinal cord injury - quadriplegia

An insurance company which insured a “mom and pop” hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida agreed to pay the maximum amount of its liability policy limits to settle a premises liability lawsuit filed on behalf of a young man vacationing from England who suffered a permanent spinal cord injury after diving into and hitting his head on the bottom of an unsafe swimming pool located on the grounds of the hotel.

$300,000 settlement / premises liability / failure to remove a latent defect / wrongful death.

Settlement against a Johns Creek property manager for failing to correct an uneven curb, resulting in a patient with cancer suffering a hip fracture, subsequent infection, and death.

$250,000 (present value) structured settlement / negligent supervision of teenager / traumatic brain injury

Operator of a sports camp agreed to settle a lawsuit alleging that its failure to provide adequate supervision led to an incident during which a teenager suffered a traumatic brain injury. An immediate lump sum plus future payments to begin when the teen reaches his 18th birthday will total more than $400,000.

$240,000 lump sum pre-suit settlement / trip and fall / fractured hip

Convenience store retailer in Forsyth, Georgia agreed to compensate a Florida woman who fractured her hip after tripping in a small hole which was somewhat obscured by surrounding grass. There was evidence suggesting the store owner was aware that several small holes existed in the area of her fall.

$220,000 Settlement / Premises Liability / failure to remove foreign substance (bleach) from restaurant floor, causing a broken leg.

$125,000 lump sum settlement / slip and fall / grocery store / shoulder injury

Grocery store chain agreed to a pre-suit settlement with a customer who sustained a serious shoulder injury when he slipped and fell in an area where a previous spill had been poorly mopped and left to dry without warning signs.

$115,000 lump sum settlement / slip and fall / retail store / lumbar disc herniation

At mediation, Office Depot agreed to settle a lawsuit involving a lumbar disc injury suffered by the plaintiff who slipped and fell on rain water located several feet inside one of its stores in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

$85,000 lump sum settlement / trip and fall / church / shoulder injury

The insurance company for a church in Gwinnett County, Georgia agreed to a pre-suit settlement of an elderly woman’s claim for injuries to her shoulder which she sustained after tripping and falling because of uneven flooring which was not marked.

$82,500 lump sum settlement / negligent supervision of child / wrongful death

The surviving mother of a young teenager received settlement proceeds from the defendants she named in a wrongful death lawsuit after her son was left unattended and allowed access to dangerous equipment.

$75,000 lump sum settlement / slip and fall / grocery store / back injury

Grocery store chain agreed to a pre-suit settlement with a customer who injured her back in a slip and fall accident inside a grocery store in Cobb County, Georgia.

$55,000 lump sum settlement / slip and fall / grocery store / knee injury

Grocery store chain agreed to a pre-suit settlement with a customer who slipped and fell on produce items spilled and left on the floor thereby causing him to sustain a knee injury.

$50,000 lump sum settlement / slip and fall / retail store / aggravation of pre-existing back injuries

Retailer elected to settle a lawsuit filed by a customer who exacerbated a pre-existing back condition when she slipped and fell on rain water which accumulated inside the store.

$40,000 lump sum cash settlement / premises liability / inadequate security / hospital / assault and battery

Hospital agreed to settle a premises liability lawsuit involving claims of inadequate security on behalf of a patient who sustained minor injuries when she was assaulted by an unstable patient who was being treated in the psychiatric ward.

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