Product Liability Case Results

Case Results Achieved by Atlanta, Georgia Product Liability Trial Lawyers

The following are just some of the favorable case results achieved by the Atlanta product liability attorneys at Ragland Law Firm, LLC. Learn more about the law firm’s specialty practice in the area of Product Liability litigation.

Confidential settlements in several escalator shoe entrapment cases filed against Crocs, Inc. / defective footwear / deep foot lacerations

The manufacturer of Crocs shoes agreed to settle a product liability lawsuit filed in Clayton County, Georgia by the parents of a four year old boy who sustained serious injuries to his foot when his Crocs shoe became entrapped on an escalator at the Atlanta airport in 2008. The lawsuit alleged that Crocs, Inc. had received numerous complaints about similar escalator shoe entrapment incidents involving small children wearing Crocs shoes but failed to provide any warnings to parents about this known hazard. In the lawsuit, premises liability claims were also asserted against the City of Atlanta, the Atlanta Airport Terminal Corporation (AATC) and Kone Corporation (which was responsible for the escalator) for their failure to provide a safe escalator or adequate warnings about the known Crocs shoe entrapment danger on escalators. The amount of the settlement with each of the Defendants is confidential and cannot be disclosed. In addition, confidential pre-suit settlements were also reached with Crocs, Inc. and the City of Atlanta on behalf of four other sets of parents whose children suffered escalator entrapment injuries while wearing Crocs shoes in separate incidents at the Atlanta Airport during the summer of 2008.

$350,000 lump sum settlement / wrongful death / defective boat trailer hitch/ drunk driving

During mediation, the manufacturer of a defective boat trailer hitch agreed to settle a product liability lawsuit involving a boat trailer which became detached from the vehicle pulling it thereby allowing the trailer to collide into another car killing its driver instantly. The fact that the trailer was being pulled by a drunk driver whose weaving caused the boat trailer to strike a curb and precipitate the hitch detachment made establishing a winnable product liability claim against the trailer manufacturer very difficult.

$285,000 lump sum settlement / product liability / wrongful death / unsafe medical device

During mediation, a corporate maker of medical products chose to settle a product liability lawsuit involving a defective medical device that malfunctioned and caused complications during surgery which led to the operating room death of an elderly patient.

$125,000 lump sum settlement / product liability / defective motorized scooter / broken jaw

American distributor of motor scooters made in China agreed to settle a product liability lawsuit involving a rider who suffered a broken jaw when he was thrown over the handle bars of his scooter during an accident sequence precipitated by the sudden failure of the scooter’s front wheel assembly.

$100,000 lump sum settlement / product liability / defective contact lens solution / Fusarium keratitis eye infection

Bausch & Lomb agreed to settle a product liability lawsuit involving its ReNu with MoistureLoc contact lens solution product which caused an Atlanta woman to suffer a Fusarium keratitis eye infection. The infection was effectively treated and resulted in minimal long term consequences. The lawsuit was initially filed in federal court in Atlanta and pursuant to rules governing multi-district litigation, the case was transferred to a federal court in Charleston, South Carolina as part of the ReNu with MoistureLoc Liability Litigation. This was one of more than a hundred cases in the MDL arising from the 2006 outbreak of Fusarium keratitis infections caused by the defective Bausch & Lomb contact lens solution product.

$50,000 (present value) structured settlement / product liability / flammable youth shorts / burn injuries

Retailer agreed to settle a product liability lawsuit involving moderate burn injuries suffered by an Alabama pre-teen youth after his short pants made with unreasonably flammable fabric caught fire. The minor will receive periodic payments during his college years totaling nearly $100,000.

$40,000 lump sum settlement / product liability / unsafe medical device / contact dermatitis

During mediation, a medical device manufacturer agreed to settle a product liability lawsuit involving an EKG pad which caused a surgical patient to suffer contact dermatitis.

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